Soccer Day!

So it rained on Saturday the 10th of May, but this did not stop our Soccer day from happening because what’s a little rain anyway?

Having our morning and spirits slightly dampened by the rain, we began the event as planned, but we soon found that the boys’ enthusiasm was  more than enough to warm us up to brace the cold weather and the occasional sprinkle of rain during the first half of the morning. The day consisted of two parts; the first included some basic soccer skills training and the second three soccer matches between the four teams.

The boys moved between the four skills stations which were, passing the ball, scoring, dribbling and the last comprised of all the skills learnt in the previous three stations.  Some Keen volunteers moved with the teams between stations while others led the various stations which allowed most of us time to interact with the boys. Of course those that led the stations, myself included, were not pro soccer players, but what became evident is that this was not the most important thing. The important thing is that it allowed these boys to channel their energy into something good, something they could do with confidence.

Then using the skills they had been able to develop, acquire and practice in the soccer clinic part of the morning the boys went on to play a game of soccer. It’s exciting to wear bibs, kick a ball around and score some goals you know, and it was totally exciting for those cheering on from the side-lines too. With some of the Keen volunteers on teams with the boys, both the volunteers and the kids were kept entertained, while those on their team kept them young at heart despite their bodies reminding them how old they really were.

We ended the day with a few snacks for the boys and volunteers and a thank you to all involved. The day’s success was all as a result of the many volunteers and members embarking on various jobs. A reminder that even with a day like this that is focused on soccer, there are always different ways that you can get involved.  These range from co-ordination, time-keeping, preparing the snacks and refreshments, to playing with the smaller boys that could not participate in the actual soccer games. There was a place for me to fit in and there is one for you no matter how much knowledge you have about what we are doing on the day or how little you feel you are able to give. So, the only question left to ask is, are you Keen?

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