Party time

Think back to your childhood birthday parties. Think back to the cake, the party games, the decorations and the way it made you feel. You felt special didn’t you? Well these things and memories that we so often take for granted are not things that we are entitled to. Not every child can look back on fond birthday memories, and think about  how they loved their presents , how great it was to have fun with their friends, or even just how special they felt for that day. We wanted to show these boys how very special they are to us and give them a day to enjoy being a child. That’s exactly what we tried to do on Saturday the 21st of June.

We gathered our Keen troop and used different people for the various aspects of the party. Some helped with organising and making the decorations all come together on the day, and what a splendid job they did. Team leaders looked after groups while playing the games, while other volunteers kept some of the younger kids entertained with bubble blowing, building lego towers and colouring in. The rest filled jobs such as making sure the games ran smoothly, playing time-keeper, and preparing the food and party packs.

With all the different facets of the day taken care of by various Keen members and volunteers the day came together really well and was a huge success. It started off with a party game which was played till lunch time. Lunch time came and we moved inside one of the cottages which was draped with decorations from balloons and streamers to bright coloured pictures on the wall, all encapsulating our Spiderman party theme.  To top that all off, the kids were spoilt with pizza for lunch and what a treat it was. After lunch we played another good old classic party game, musical chairs, and then we headed back inside for our final part of the day.

Oh what a joy this part was!  We had gifts for all the boys that had celebrated a birthday from January to June, and as each boy heard their name called we saw even the smallest of boys faces planted with the biggest, most heart-warming smiles. The birthday boys came to the front,got their presents, we sang for them, they blew out the candles and we ended off by cutting theSpiderman cake. Sending each boy with cake and a party pack in hand marked the end of another Keen event; and even though not all the boys received presents, I am sure that the little time, preparation, fun and food everyone contributed made all the boys feel special.

A special thank you to St Elmos, Belgravia road Athlone, for the donation of 20 pizzas and coldrinks ,to Lara Du Plessis for her generous donation of gifts as well as various other party décor , as well as all those not mentioned by name, but that contributed in any way to the day. Without your help this party, this wonderful memory and how it made these boys feel special, would not have been possible. The volunteers were keen, those who donated were keen, are you keen?

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