Meet our Chairperson

Jade Dowrie is our Chairperson aka Miss President and our boss lady. When she is not sitting on chairs, as implied in her title, she is pretty much involved in every aspect behind the scenes and the every-day running of The Keen Movement. So let’s meet this wonderful and weird person 🙂

Before we get to the serious stuff I thought we would ask you a few fun questions:

The animated movie Up or the Lego Movie?

I feel as if this is a setup… Two of my favourites! But if I had to choose, I’d go with UP.

Burger King or McDonalds?

Eeny meeny miny… Uhm…

Justin Bieber or One direction?

Ok no, really now… Option C?

Gatsby or Pizza?

Man, I’d say Pizza. But probably only because I have it way more often.

Swirlkous or sloffies?

Sloffies without a doubt.

Then currently…

What is your favourite series at the moment?

I’m not really into anything at the moment, but Top Gear is always a winner.

The CD that you’ve got stuck on repeat?

A CD of a Kpop band, Girls Generation. You think Psy was cool? You should hear these girls.

The one essential you would never leave home without?

A sense of humour. Or at least, I try…

The one thing you love most about Spring?

Flowers. It has to be the flowers. Oh and the pretty sunrises and sunsets that happen during my daily commute.


Getting down to business…

Tell us a bit about yourself, your age, what you studied, what your day time job is and what your favourite thing is to do in your free time?

So I’m 23 and I studied 3D Animation. I’m currently working at a mobile games company as a Texture Artist (pretty much colouring-in on the computer as many like to put it). Apart from Keen, my favourite thing would have to be anything nature or creative related.

What encouraged you to become a part of the Keen team?

For as long as I can recall, I’ve always wanted to be a volunteer or part of something that was community driven. Having done so for a bit, it just seemed like the best idea to incorporate the same concept with a group of people that I’m most familiar with. Most of the time all of us let the imaginary red tape over-power our sense of encouragement, when at the end of the day it exists all around us.

Then, as a Keen member, what exactly is your role and what does it entail? How does this differ to being a volunteer on the day of a Keen event?

I am the Chairperson of Keen; I’m often asked this question and left at a loss for words. But essentially what my role entails is: Above everything, to ensure that Keen continues to exist.  I have to micro manage the various aspects of the team, by assisting everyone in fulfilling their roles and encouraging them to do so (how well I do this is at times is debatable though), and then obviously, I generally represent Keen in a public capacity. Each Keen member doubles up as a volunteer on our event days, most days I prefer not to have a specific task assigned to me for the duration of our visit, so that I can rather fill in the gaps if needed.

How do you manage your day time job and all the demands of everyday life and being a part of Keen?

Half of the time I’m not fully sure, but somehow I manage. We all do. I guess thinking of Keen as my night time and weekend job helps.

When life gets busy what keeps you motivated to still be a part of Keen?

The experience gained form the work that we do is indescribable and huge motivation in itself. But I think once you’re able to acknowledge that you can possibly contribute towards the life of someone else, you’re continuously rewarded and in turn motivated too. So busy or not, it becomes a way of life.

Describe your best memory or something one of the boys said or organizations Keen has teamed up with has said?

I think that there are so many, that none is immediately jumping out at me. But in general, one of my favourite things about Keen has to be viewing the photos after our events. I actually get excited. The day generally seems to fly by, but each photograph captures a story and reveals all that went down throughout the day. Being able to see the smiles shared and moments of interaction between our members/volunteers and the boys is really heart- warming. It instantly makes all the hard work and dedication all so worth it.

Let’s end off with a little inspiration (lol no pressure), tell us why young people especially, but anyone should be Keen?

Regardless of age, if you’d like to do something, make sure that you do. Even if it doesn’t work out as you’ve initially anticipated, the fact that you’ve tried would say more than enough. Everyone at Keen aims to create an opportunity for you, so if it’s volunteering or being more socially aware that you’re looking for, Welcome! 🙂