Keen going Green!

From the 30th September to the 2nd of October The Keen Movement together with some grade 9 Groote Schuur High School students went green. As we become more aware of the value of our environment we realise the importance of looking after it and making sure it is sustainable for the future. Since one of our long term goals was to create some kind of garden at St Francis boys’ home, which would be both practical-in its provision of vegetables, and serve as a way of teaching the boys how to look after the environment and live sustainably, when a teacher approached us from Groote Schuur High School we saw it as a wonderful opportunity to once again partner up so that greater change would be initiated.

As a team we envisioned using the run-down tennis court at St Francis and in a way upcycling it and other materials so that together with the Groote Schuur students we would be able to begin what is the first stages of St Francis’ very own ‘Peace Garden’. Various Keen members were there on different days of the project, supervising and getting involved with their group’s activities.

There were an array of tasks to be done and all of these tasks were placed under four categories. The four main categories of tasks were painting- which included painting the wall which would serve as mural wall, painting on the tennis court floor which would become a checkers and noughts and crosses board and panting the wooden plant crates (once they had been completed),then  woodwork- this consisted of building the wooden crates for the plants , making the wooden signs indicating the kind of plants as well as making benches, gardening- included trimming the grass around the tennis court, organising plants and compost and eventually planting; and lastly décor- this consisted of  connecting the wire to the poles, making bird feeders and water jugs and then finishing off any other  details like the plant signs which had not been finished on the first day.

It was a colossal task which required large amounts of energy and determination. Although working with teenagers presented its challenges; in the end their ability to push through the heat and a lack of energy once again showed the value of working together for good.

So much has been done already, but there is so much that we hope to still do with our Peace Garden. We have plans to add to it in various ways, some of which being planting trees which would have a greater green impact as well as adding shelter, so that it can be a place where the boys could escape to for some time out.

We do admit that none of this would have been possible without everyone who supported us and got involved; so a big thank you to our sponsors and the Groote Schuur helpers on the day. They showed us they were Keen, by getting involved. Be keen; get involved by donating, sponsoring or helping us out with our ongoing Green Project. You can contact us on our email or drop us a message.

Be keen for change, go green,  get involved!

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