A world of books

On the 27th of September our big Book Room reveal took place, and boy oh boy did books come alive. The day was filled with glistening smiles, as we escaped with Peter Pan and his friends into the wonderful world of Never land, and then a bit closer to home the boys’ own space of fantasy and fun with our very own Book Man. The day started off with a play, Peter Pan, put on by some of our very own budding Keen performers (I think some of us may have missed our calling) as well as some of the boys.It then lead to some book-mark making, colouring in, exploring the various interactive aspects of the Book Room- the felt board, the chalk board and reading some wonderful books, of course. The exceptional way the various aspects of the Book Room came together was definitely as a result of a collaborative effort, so I thought it would be fitting to let the other Keen beans give voice to the day:





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