It becomes a lot easier to commit your time towards something that’s aligned with your passion. We believe that it’s the same when finding a cause that complements your interests. That’s exactly why we choose not to limit ourselves to a specific cause, allowing us to appeal to anyone.

Exercising our keen gene is such a rewarding experience that can only be understood when experienced for yourself. We would love to create such experiences for you!

We get that not everyone always has the extra time on their hands, but making a donation is a great way to remain involved. We target a specific need, initiate collection drives and ensure that the items are suitably distributed. Have any unwanted goods? Give us a shout, we are always keen to assist if we are able.

Magic happens when people willing to donate of their time, resources and expertise come together. By forming partnerships with other organisations we are able to facilitate such collaborations and together, embark on projects with greater impact.

We commend those that are relentlessly impacting our community. We aim to shine a spotlight on them and highlight the incredible work that’s happening all around us. Sometimes a source of encouragement is a lot closer than we think.