We believe that it’s important for our volunteers to find a cause that complements their interests. By not limiting ourselves to a specific cause we’re able to achieve this and appeal to a broader group of people. It becomes a lot easier to commit to giving of your time towards something that’s aligned with your passion.

Exercising our keen gene in this way is such a rewarding experience that can only be understood when experienced for yourself and we would love to create such experiences for you!

We have volunteered with different organisations such as Old-Age and Children’s Homes, participated in Beach and Trail Cleanups, painting and makeover initiatives as well as community walks.

We get that not everyone has the time to volunteer, but making a donation is a great alternative. We target a specific need, initiate collection drives and ensure that the items are suitably distributed. We are always keen to assist with the distribution of any of your unwanted goods. 

The success of every project that we have embarked on is a result of a variety of collaborations between generous people willing to donate of their time, resources and expertise. By forming partnerships with other organisations we are able to facilitate such collaborations and together, embark on projects that meet specific needs that have been identified.

We commend those that are relentlessly leading by example, and feel that promoting them can go a long way in creating further awareness. We aim to shine a spotlight highlighting the incredible work that individuals and organisations are doing within our community. We have also been fortunate enough to broaden our reach though radio stations such as Taxi Radio, Hashtag Radio and Goodhope FM.