Are you keen?

A rainy Sunday afternoon turned out to be rather warm… I heard my friends were going to volunteer at a Children’s Home, when I enquired further the question was asked, “Are You Keen on joining?”. Always keen on lending a helping hand where needed as I personally feel time is more precious than money, I[…]

Keen Country Fair!

The weeks of planning, organising, gathering funds, selling tickets and late nights all culminated in our very own first Keen Country Fair. My favourite thing about the fair must have been the various sources of live entertainment, the candy stall, the games and the kids’ excitement, wait… I think that means I pretty much loved[…]

Keen going Green!

From the 30th September to the 2nd of October The Keen Movement together with some grade 9 Groote Schuur High School students went green. As we become more aware of the value of our environment we realise the importance of looking after it and making sure it is sustainable for the future. Since one of[…]

Meet our Chairperson

Jade Dowrie is our Chairperson aka Miss President and our boss lady. When she is not sitting on chairs, as implied in her title, she is pretty much involved in every aspect behind the scenes and the every-day running of The Keen Movement. So let’s meet this wonderful and weird person 🙂 Before we get[…]

Our 67 minutes

Nelson Mandela once said “A nation should not be judged on how it treats its highest citizens, but rather how it treats its lowest citizens.” I think that rings with so much truth because those in the lowest positions are those that are not able to give us anything material in return. Despite this, once[…]

Party time

Think back to your childhood birthday parties. Think back to the cake, the party games, the decorations and the way it made you feel. You felt special didn’t you? Well these things and memories that we so often take for granted are not things that we are entitled to. Not every child can look back[…]