My Why with Jade Dowrie

Name: Jade Dowrie

Your Occupation: Digital Designer

Describe your average day:

I don’t think I have enough of a routine, but if I get it right, I’ll start my day off with some yoga. My work day would begin at 8 and for the most part this involves being stuck behind a computer screen. I still however seem unable to come up with ideas without paper and a pen, so between the doodles, coffee, ticking off to do lists, lunchtime and of course deadlines, my days tend to go by quickly. It ends by 4, for the latest. If I do not have anything out of the ordinary planned for the evening, after getting home it wouldn’t take long for me to get stuck behind a screen again. I suppose that’s what people mean by me being a workaholic, but it helps me sleep at night.

Apart from volunteering, what interests you?

I enjoy creating things and being out in nature. It could be the combination of the two that always has me interested in conjuring up new ideas, seeking new experiences and learning something new.

A feel good song:

Bennie and the Jets – Elton John

Why do you volunteer?

I struggle to witness others struggling. I believe that compassion is something we’re all born with but in this day and age it’s so easy to become desensitised to it and our surroundings. Volunteering is a way of reminding us that we can make a positive impact in the lives of others, if we stop to take a moment to do so. I volunteer so that I’m reminded that my days are filled with plenty opportunities for moments like those.

How did you become involved with Keen?

My previous answer largely motivated me being a part of Keen. Back in 2013, I rallied up a group of people that were ‘keen’ to make a positive impact within their community. Ironically, back then we didn’t refer to ourselves as The Keen Movement, but nevertheless I’m grateful that that was the stepping stone for Keen today.

What does the Keen Gene look like to you?

It’s an exchange sparked by good intention. The Keen Gene has multiple faces of pitching up and chipping in. Someone being kind. Doing something for someone else, simply because you’re at the means to. Being grateful. Taking pride in our community. Showing interest in something other than yourself. That dog that mothers an orphan duckling. It’s all around, if there’s heart, the Keen Gene’s there too.