Shoutout to Our Keengs & Kweens

Happy Volunteer Recognition Day you Keengs and Kweens! Winter is Coming… Don’t worry there are no Game Of Thrones spoilers here, but today happens to be Volunteer Recognition Day. To show our appreciation, we would like to dedicate this post to you. Yes YOU! Thank YOU for sacrificing your time, resources and energy to give[…]

Kleen Sea

We invite you to come and help us clean our beaches. The Keen Movement is joining the CLEAN C organisation, giving up just 90 minutes of our morning we are keen to fill up as much bags as possible. The Beach Clean ups are for everyone and is an amazing opportunity to raise awareness and learn[…]

Are you keen?

A rainy Sunday afternoon turned out to be rather warm… I heard my friends were going to volunteer at a Children’s Home, when I enquired further the question was asked, “Are You Keen on joining?”. Always keen on lending a helping hand where needed as I personally feel time is more precious than money, I[…]