We are simply a group of individuals wanting to make a difference in the lives of others and contribute towards a better society.

VISION: We aim to encourage a keen volunteer culture within Cape Town.

MISSION: The Keen Movement supports like-minded organisations through assisting them with projects, drives and fundraisers. This collaboration allows us to create opportunities for anyone to volunteer.

Keen humbly began in 2013, out of the desire to make a positive contribution towards our community. After learning that there are some children that do not experience celebrating a birthday, there was an impulse to do something about it. We take it for granted how many of our fond childhood memories are filled with many birthdays.

Emanating from the simple gesture of arranging birthday parties for children living in a Children’s Home, we soon found ourselves hosting different kinds of events on a monthly basis. These events allowed us to nurture relationships through activities such as arts and crafts, watching movies, reading, playing games and soccer.

We soon found that our diverse approach to volunteering appealed to and included a wider group of individuals (both the volunteers and children), and as a result our reach and volunteer base increased tremendously. People seemed a lot more keen than we had anticipated and the response all round continued to fuel our desire to make a difference even more.

We then registered a year later in 2014, and since have shifted our focus to promoting and encouraging a keen volunteer culture within Cape Town. In doing so, we support, build relationships and partner with existing organisations. There are so many ‘ordinary’ people positively impacting the lives of others, organisations responsible for incredible impact within our community, and just as many opportunities to volunteer. It’s more a matter of finding out what best interests you. We believe that having a keen attitude to being more involved in the lives of others is at the crux of a better society, one that we are all capable of being positive contributors of.