Humans are social beings, which makes us naturally inclined to care. The core of who we are stems from our need to be cared for and therefore our need to care! It’s time to normalise the use of our Keen Gene, and harness our potential to live life with compassion, love and empathy.

The Keen Gene creates a collective consciousness that transcends just volunteering.

It’s a mindset. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a state of being.

We know it’s huge, but we aim to create a keen culture within South Africa!

The Keen Movement supports our community and like-minded organisations by assisting them with initiatives, projects, campaigns fundraisers – you name it, we are keen to lend a hand! These collaborations allow us to make it easier for anyone to become more involved.

Keen humbly began in 2013, from a passion for making a positive impact within our community.

After a year of organising birthday parties at a children’s home, The Keen Movement was registered in 2014. Along with overwhelming support from the community, we soon found ourselves hosting a variety of events on a monthly basis. These events allowed us to nurture relationships through activities such as arts and crafts, reading, gardening, watching movies, playing games and sports.

Many brainstorm sessions and treasured memories later, we have shifted our focus to encouraging a keen culture within South Africa. We now aim to continuously support, build relationships and partner with existing organisations.

Our journey so far has taught us that everyone is keen at heart. We believe that by contributing towards a community that fosters it – a kind, keen culture will become our new norm. This network of consistently passionate people can make all the difference in the world, and South Africa too!