My Why with Keabetswe Mokitle

Your Occupation:Utility Cost Analyst

Describe your average day:

My average day begins with my alarm. Then the snooze button. We are argue a few times until either my alarm wins or I ignore it and suffer the consequences. It’s then the normal morning ablutions before going to work. At work, my day consists of spreadsheets and writing reports based on utility (electricity,water, sewer etc.) analysis.

Apart from volunteering, what interests you?

That is a very limiting question. Humans are complex beings, and what interests me today could be boring tomorrow and vice versa. So the simple answer is: everything and nothing.

A feel good song:

Hero A – Yuki Hayashi.

Why do you volunteer?

Throughout my life, various people have impacted me directly or indirectly through the giving of their time in some form or other. This has enabled me to go further in life than what would have been possible by myself. This has inspired me to seek to continue to pay it forward because to someone, I was not invisible.

It’s easy to gloss over and to become numb to the pain, suffering and injustices in the world, until I remind myself and ask, “what if it was me [in that position of pain, suffering, experiencing injustice]?”. So I try (not always successfully) to remember those society sometimes forgets and, in my own small way, to show them that at least one person SEES them.

How did you become involved with Keen?

A friend had invited me to a Keen event at St. Francis Children’s Home. It was great to be around people who, though they couldn’t do everything (like solve world hunger), were at least starting somewhere and doing something to make a difference and change the world in their own small (yet significant) way.

What does the Keen Gene look like to you?

It can be summarised by a quote from Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”