My Why with Brendon Pearce

Your Occupation:Research Scientist

Describe your average day:

An average day for me starts with a breakfast-on-the-go smoothie. I usually arrive at work by 08:30 at which point I enter the laboratory and begin the daily start-up procedures. I then meet with my students and advise them on the tasks scheduled for that day. Mid-morning is usually occupied by meetings with my mentor and technical staff. My afternoons are the quickest part of my day; results from the day’s experiments are collected and collated, analyses are performed and findings journaled. I usually leave around 4pm and head off to gym before returning home to my loving wife.

Apart from volunteering, what interests you?

I’m particularly interested in electronics and working with my hands (DIY and cooking), as well as casual gaming.

A feel good song:

Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

Why do you volunteer?

I volunteer because I believe that it’s important to give back to the community that raised you. As the old adage goes “One good turn, deserves another”. In line with this idea, opportunities provided to you must be repaid or payed forward in the same manner that they were given.

How did you become involved with Keen?

I like the idea and message behind Keen. We are, indeed, part of a greater good rarely seen in today’s society. We provide a platform to promote the act and ideology of volunteering. It’s something that bigger than the members, and volunteers, and speaks to the desire to help others.

What does the Keen Gene look like to you? To me, the keen gene is actually the shape of a hand. Be it a perpetually outstretched hand ready to help or two cradled hands ready to uplift and support.