Kleen Sea

We invite you to come and help us clean our beaches.

The Keen Movement is joining the CLEAN C organisation, giving up just 90 minutes of our morning we are keen to fill up as much bags as possible.

The Beach Clean ups are for everyone and is an amazing opportunity to raise awareness and learn how to appreciate this beautiful city we live in. It runs on the first Saturday of every month starting at 10am and last 90 minutes, with bags and gloves provided. (Look out for the blue or green banners on the beach)

Other Beach cleanups happening this weekend:

  • Sunset Beach (10am)
  • Milnerton Lighthouse (10am)
  • Muizenberg (9am)
  • Hout Bay (10am)
  • Kommietjie Rose Wise (9am)
  • Strand Helderberg (9am)

If you need some more motivation to join us this week, lets look at some facts and figures:

  • Plastics do not biodegrade in our lifetime, but instead break down into small particles that persist in the ocean, adsorb to toxins, and enter the food chain through fish, sea birds and other marine life.
  • Plastic is the most common type of marine litter worldwide.
  • Up to 80% of marine litter is plastic.
  • Based on Ocean Conservancy’s TIDES Database, about 60% of beach litter is plastic.
  • An estimated 5-13 million tons of plastic enter our oceans each year from land-based sources.
  • Several studies on plastic microfibers and nanoplastics have indicated that these particles are able to be ingested by marine animals and bioaccumulate up the food chain, carrying with them adhered chemicals and toxins, posing health impacts to both wildlife and human consumers of seafood. (Read more)

…and that is but the tip of the tip of the iceberg but…

If you would like to join our amazing team of volunteers, please fill in the volunteer form and we will be in contact with you! Please do join us for the #BeachCleanUp on Saturday 6 April at 10h00. Contact us for more information #TheChangeStartsWithYou #WeAreKeen #ZeroWaste #ForTheSea #WeAreKeen

We are KEEN to meet you all.