St Francis Boys Home #1 Birthday Party

Our first officially started in May. Everything started to come together, with organised meetings and assigning roles. The group overall felt excited to finally implement something that was previously a thought.

We aimed to meet once a month to plan the following Saturday, when an event is hosted at St Francis Boys Home. The boys stay at the home because some do that have stable homes or because they are orphans. They age from 5 to 17 years of age. They all stay in different house with in the grounds and are split according to their ages. The group chose to focus the birthday parties on the younger boys, 4-7, in Jane’s House. Jane is in charge of the house with the youngest boys, she has been supportive of our visit and keeps us up to date of their needs. She mentioned to us that they would really appreciate a party to celebrate their birthday since there isn’t enough resources or money. The younger boys also need pajamas and toys, we made sure to include this in their gifts. Birthday parties happen once a month, only at Jane’s house. It will often be three boy’s birthdays that we celebrate at a time. We decorate the room with a long table filled with sweet things and a birthday cake with candles. We made sure to make a big deal out of it by singing, playing games and bonding with the boys. The birthday party happened at lunchtime and at 2:00pm we gather all the other boys from the other house, generally 35 boys in total over the weekends.

Our main aim, apart from celebrating a birthday, is to bond with boys and make them feel special. The boys at the home could possibly feel worthless because of their situation or where they came from, we hope to show them that there is other means of having fun and for them to know that we do care.

For the first launch and birthday party, the members were extremely excited and might have fed the kids too much sugar1! We got all the boys at the home to get involved, as we organised outdoor games. The boys were split into 5 groups, mixing the ages. There were five different stations, batting, make a safety egg drop, penning in a can, basketball and throw the hoop. Each group would get points according to how well they did at each station, we also played more games such as ‘Minute to win it‘ inspired games but felt that it was not engaging enough for the boys. At the end of the day, after tallying up all the results we gave each boy a price that they could randomly pick from a box with out looking. The boys were given party bags filled with snacks. At the end of the event, the boys showed us their appreciate with a few songs and dance. Jane, the house mom from the younger boys house, gave a thank-you speech to the group and the boys sang a few songs.

Apart from being drained from running around, we felt extremely overwhelmed by their appreciation and couldn’t stop smiling 🙂

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