The Beginning

Before we changed our name to The Keen Movement, we were known as Caterpillar Care Club (CCC) and this is how we started:

CCC was founded by Jade Dowrie, an animation designer. Jade accidently came across St Francis Boys Home in Athlone during 2010, to drop off old clothes. Her and her family randomly went onto the property and came across Jane, one of the ‘house moms’. Jane was in charge of the house for the youngest boys between the ages of 4-7. Jane was telling them about a group of people who used to come and volunteer, celebrating birthdays but they stopped after a while and she mentioned how it impacted the boys. As Jade was listening to Jane, one of the boys came up to her and hugged her. In that moment, she knew that she needed and wanted to come back. However Jade didn’t have a lot of time since she was busy with studies and wasn’t entirely sure what she would do there. Jade then joined a group called Lerato’s Hope, they took kids from Lerato’s children home on fun outings once a month. Jade enjoyed spending time with kids and she felt that this was a perfect fit for her since someone else would organise everything and update the group about the events.   After her studies were done, she was looking for a job in the beginning of 2013. She thought that she would use this time that she has to do something at St. Francis. Her main aim was to spend time with the boys and make them feel loved but after chatting to Jane about their current needs, she thought she could hopefully help them out. Jane mentioned that they needed pajamas and toys, this being one of the few cheaper things that they needed. Jade started off by messaging or speaking to everyone she knew, firstly to ask them if they would like to join her in planning and hosting birthday parties or donating money towards gifts for the boys. Jade was able to raise money and 15 of her close friends and family said they would join her in starting this group. The group officially started in May 2013 and have been enjoying every moment!


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