Christmas Party :)

The Newly named Keen Movement held a Christmas party at St Francis Boys Home on Saturday. It was a fun filled two part day. The first part of the day was in the form of Christmas themed group games. These included Pin the Nose on Rudolph, Santa Bag Race and Santa Outfit Relay Race . The boys thoroughly enjoyed these games and displayed great team spirit.

Lunch was then served and jumping castles were put up for the children to enjoy. The jumping castles did not only get the children excited but the Keeners too, as some of them joined the children on the jumping castle.

The second part of the day was dedicated to giving the boys of St Francis Home Christmas gifts. This part was the most anticipated part of the day. Father Christmas was played by Ruth, an aunt of Jade’s, who was more than happy to dress up and bring some joy into these children’s lives. Father Christmas assisted by Reagan, one of the Keen Movement members, called out each child’s name and handed him his gift. There was mixed emotions displayed by the boys when they received their gift. Some were extremely happy and excited about their gifts whereas others displayed tears. However these tears were tears of joy as a result of feeling the abundance of love in the room. The children were eager to open their gifts and the looks of excitement and happiness on their faces once they had opened their gifts were so heart warming. All the planning, time and effort put into this party was all worth it when the Keen Movement members witnessed the happiness displayed on the faces of the boys.

The day was a huge success and the boys thanked the Keen Movement for their party. A special thank you was given to Jade for her hard work and her dedication to serving the St Francis Home community.

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