Barber shop / Cooking at Douglas Murray

Our second visit was on the 21 August, the amount of people that joined increased to 18 people. We stayed at the home from 8:30am till 12:00am. Some people assisting in tidying the beds, majority were in the kitchen cleaning and cutting vegetables.  One of the staff members spontaneously suggested that some of the Keen members could shave and cut the residents hair. We were not aware that it was a need or how greatly the staff and residents appreciated it. Three of our Keen male members shaved approximately 10 of the male resident’s beards and two Keen members cut and shaved 5 residents’ hair. We felt a bit unprepared since many of the members had never shaved or cut someone else’s hair or beard before, although we worked well under these circumstances. Since there were more Keen members this time, we had more time to go around and chat to the residents that were sitting quietly at their usual spot. One member went around cutting fingernails and listening to the resident’s life story, another member re-braided a resident’s hair.

Douglas Murray was greatly appreciative of what we did for the home on the Saturday and had this to say on their Facebook group:

“Thank you Regan Smith and her colleagues in the Caterpillar Care Club for spending the morning at the home to groom our residents and to volunteer their services in various other capacities. In this modern era when the young are so busy chasing their own dreams, it is just great to see some young people still offering up their time to serve those less fortunate than themselves”.

Overall Keen had a good morning and felt that they contributed to the home through ways that they never initially intended.  After each visit at Douglas Murray, it was obvious through brief chats among the members that they felt the need to visit more often. Even though we were not able to contribute money or plan anything prior, it was enough to be there for the staff and the residents. Through observations and casual conversation, it was clear that members had an emotional response to the way the residents looked, “stuck” behind a table all day.  This motivated our members to strike up conversations with the residents or entertain them in some sort of way and assist the hard-working staff.

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