100 in 1day Cape Town

Our second event was 100in1day,
“100in1Day is a citizen-driven festival of doing, that invites and inspires the inhabitants of Cape Town to gather and together create and realize the dreams they have for their city – culminating in at least 100 urban initiatives, improving the quality of life in Cape Town”

I was part of the 100in1Day design team and thought it would be appropriate for Keen to host an initiative. The event happened on the 25th May 2013, where we signed on, with the title ‘Taking Our world Piece’ and were featured on the 100in1Day website

Our idea for the intervention was to give each child a square piece of cardboard, they could paint / draw their dreams or interests. Some boys painted more than one square and got a chance to experiment with the different art mediums. A collection of a few of the boys’ artwork can be seen in the figure below. The older boys created their own stencils and used spray cans. ‘Taking our world Piece’ was created by putting all the painted squares together and an image of the world was formed in the center. The aim was to attach all the squares together, frame it and display it on the wall in their recreation hall. Hopefully the boys can look at their square that is part of the mural and feel inspired to make their dreams come true.

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